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 rematch new rules 
4 seconds of running must be 2 points deduction
and 2 seconds of hugging 1 points deduction scoring card system

jeremiah_hartman@dillonkimbrell Stfu kid. You don't anything about boxing. It's scored by who lands more punches. Pain and simple. So who the fuck landed more punches. GTFO. Floyd won. If you don't like it then you shouldn't watch boxing

simplyrecordingBoxing is a mess in this era Who Can Refuse To A Rematch. Do it Again But Drops A Little Bit of blood punks

jeremiah_hartman@dillonkimbrell Boxing is the sport Manny and Floyd preform in. And in the sport of boxing you get points for landing more punches. (You follow?) So on May 2nd Floyd landed 148 punches and Pacquiao only landed 81. And for that reason Floyd won. That's the game of boxing. If Pacman doesn't like that he shouldn't have become a boxer. And if you don't like it you shouldn't watch boxing.

jeremiah_hartman@dillonkimbrell Floyds no De La Hoya????? You're right! Bc he is better then Da La Hoya!! MAYWEATHER BEAT Da La Hoya in 2007. If you actually watched boxing instead of googling your comebacks you would know this!

simplyrecordingBoxing Fans is still supportive But They aint satisfied . Bring Back The 15 rounds format because 12 rounds is a waste for hugging and dancing tactics 0(']-])0

hullyg12Not even for free, Manny and Freddie Roach are such toads talking so much stuff before the fight lost the fight then start whining about a shoulder injury c'mon man

dillonkimbrell@jeremiah_hartman de la hoya was 34. and googling? right. boxing aint shit like it was. even Floyd said it himself. Tyson said he wasnt shit either. and Im the kid who sent the follow request? lol even if Floyd won, he was never the aggressor. to fill out his opponent as good as he does, he shouldve tore up Manny. And Pacman still come out smiling. #outclassed

jeremiah_hartman@dillonkimbrell This is boxing!!!! You score points by hitting and while not getting hit. Floyd can do both well. Manny can only do one well. Who ever lands more punches deserves the win. Floyd won! Drop kid, you're a sore loser!

simplyrecordingAint bro ! Boxing fan pocket is the loser☺️

dillonkimbrell@jeremiah_hartman i got it kid. you dont have to repeat it kid. the point is kid, Im a fan of BOTH guys, and the fight sucked. he landed more punches. he won. thats how you WIN. but to OUTBOX someone, youre to be the aggressor. period. have a nice night =)

simplyrecordingI believed floyd can knock out pacman 90 percentage ratio Vice versa pacman can knock him out in a 60 percent ratio. Bring this shit to our table, come on dudessss !

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