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To Whom It Mj Concern

MAGIC said..
"“LeBron is top 10 and moving up fast, and he can surpass Michael as the greatest who ever played. He’s the best defender, smartest player in the game. And he [plays for] the greatest organization in the world.”

"Lebron is the only player in the league who has the tools to be the greatest"

hall of famer coach BROWN said..
“If he keeps doing this, he is going to pass Michael and Russell and Kareem,” Brown said. “The potential is there [to be the best ever] but he has to stay injury free.”

PIPPEN said..
"Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to play the game," Pippen said. "But I may go as far as to say LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game because he is so potent offensively that not only can he score at will but he keeps everybody involved. 

"Lebron would kick MJ`s butt"

"Lebron is on my top three"..

"He's one guy in the league that I think he'll probably be better than all of us when it's all said and done." -- Larry Bird

'I think I'm the only guy on the planet who really knows how good you are because I've seen you up close.'

“Over these 46 years, I’ve had an opportunity to see some great players — and all the ones I’ve observed, watched and have seen, they’ve always gotten better. In my humble opinion, I believe the man right here is the best of them all.”

BARKLEY......''I do think he can be better than Michael,'' Barkley said. ''I thought I would never compare somebody to Michael Jordan. But this guy, LeBron James, he does everything well. Michael did everything well. LeBron James is just bigger, stronger, faster. That's the only difference.''

Those players or coaches has hidden agenda behind thier judgement
maybe they are sour graping or literally " envy " 
because in every era or incoming era or generation its only mj's 
name pop-out in comparing to a new phenomenal player in terms of " Who Is The greatest ever " 

if you want fair and accurate judgement get out to nba players community 

go with sports analyst and get the world opinion

i suggest to u amigo's...

 Conzern Bowt Yu 
              MJ is the best, and always will be!

LeBron says his goal is to be the greatest. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

There is no "objective" benchmark that makes one "The Greatest"; it's a subjective thing that lives in the minds of the fans. The fans will NEVER unanimously consider LeBron as the greatest. It doesn't matter how many championships he wins, what his stats are, or what claims he makes; he blew any chance of ever unanimously being the greatest when he left Cleveland the way he did. JORDAN WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE THAT!

Jordan didn't seek out a ready-made, bought-and-paid-for, dream-team; HE BUILT ONE!

Jordan didn't phone it in during the playoffs and then blame a loss on his team-mates; HE BLAMED HIMSELF, AND REDOUBLED HIS EFFORTS TO WIN!

Jordan didn't need to surround himself with other established superstars; HE MADE SUPERSTARS OF HIS TEAM-MATES BY WINNING!


Those qualities are ones that will forever elude LeBron, because he just doesn't get it. He doesn't understand that it's not just winning, but HOW YOU WIN that matters!

So you go on doing your thing, LeBron. You can win every championship from now until the next millenium, AND WE STILL WON'T EVER CONSIDER YOU THE GREATEST.

  Ivan Franklin Agustin      
               As Skip Bayless and Stephen A. would say, to even bother asking such a question is blasphemous. MJ is the greatest athlete in all of sports not just in basketball. His will to win is unparalleled. Six Finals appearances, Six championships, Six Finals MVPs and all thoses finals series were won in six games. The man is the greatest competitor the world has ever seen. Julius Erving turned basketball into a stylistic and flavorful sport with his then, never before seen acrobatic aerial exploits. Magic and Bird brought basketball to the consciousness of the american public who were at that time more engrossed with major league baseball, american football and even boxing. The games before were even pre-recorded before the rebirth of the intense as hell celtics vs lakers rivalry aka magic vs bird. But Mj brought it to a whole new level. His impact in the sport is palpable even to this very day on what would be 16 years since his chicago bulls retirement ( the wizards tenure? meh). Basketball shoes became fashionable, long shorts became the norm and I could go on and on and on about MJ. bottom line is, Lebron, even if he is taller, heavier probably stronger than MJ would never win a ring if he played in MJ's era. His mental state is fragile and MJ is the greatest trash talker ever. He would torment the guy offensively, defensively and psychologically. That competitive spirit that MJ has, was honed because he had to go against Bird, Magic, and the bad boy pistons of Isiah Thomas. Who has Lebron beat in the finals? None of those guys could ever compete with the victims on Mj's list. It's Mj all day.
             Just ignore Skip Bayless because he is 
             die hard Mj fan 0('-')0

  Ganito Lang Yung Logic Nun Mga Brod ...

Hey Mike Why You Always Up There If There's A New Player Who Happens Played Phenomenal And It is Always Only You Being Compared If The Stake is " Who's The Greatest Ever ? "

                         " Sama Sama Na Tayo Dito Mike Bigay Mona Kay Lebron Yan 0('-')0 "

What BASKETBALL mOVES posses by Lebron That Mj Doesn't Have 

         Quicker And Bigger ? 0('-')0

What He Accomplished That Mj Doesn't  

          MVP Trophies , Rings ? 0('-')0

Why Lebron Will Never Be The Greatest ?...

Because In A Debate There's Always A Huge Hole In His Legacy 

     2 Nba Finals Choked That Mj Perfectly Accomplished 
     He Dominates The Era Of Small Number of Hall Of Famers Player

Maybe Lebron Would Beat Jordan In A One On One Best Of Seven Series Match Up And I Say Kobe And Melo Can Also Do That Justice

  But Still Mj Is The Best ( Note :  Its Very Possible Mj Can Also Win In That One On One Match Up  0('-')0 )

In a One on One Match On A Half Court Battle Field 
Footwork Is Crucial And Jordan Was Scientifically 
Beast In That Aspect And i Think Mj Masterpiece is 
Getting inside To The Mindset Of the Prey And Putting
Virus To His system.

Kids Hoop Junkies Today Dont Understand The Word " Basketball Knowledge " They Easily Pick Lebron Over Mj Without Knowing The How, What, Where, When and Do's and Don't in the game of basketball 

   Jordan Taste The Retirement Mode After Capturing 3Peat And Beyond His Boom Career ( 1994 )
   And He Came Back 1995 season unfortunately they fall short in playoff vs Young Orlando Magic
   But He Furiously Demolish The 96 to 98 season 

   That's The Word " Basketball Knowledge " Out there.

   Mj will used and utilized that knowledge in a one on one match game

   And now the quetion is ....

   Can Lebron can do that Same thing ?

   Retired And Get Back Then Captured 3peat Rings !  

                                       i strongly suggest that never settle this in 
                                          world poll voting because Mj will win 
                                            landslide in Cleveland  0('-')0

I Guarantee That There WIll Be Great To Jordan In The Near Future 

But As Of Now My Judgement Is ...

                                                                                                                      " Mj Is The Greatest "

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