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Personal Pick Greatest All Around NBA Player List

  This Is Not Measured By Player Statistic Profile
  And This List Is Interchangeable List Process

   Formatted In Two Menu's , The Elite List And High Caliber Basketball Moves.
   Elite List Is Composed Of Superiority, Seniority, Alpha Male, Innovator And Influenced.
   High Caliber is Packed By Flexibility, Versatility, Agility, Quickness & Footwork And Athleticism.

        Both Category Consist Of Ability To Create Offense And Ability To
Operate Or Facilitate Inside And Outside Play

   Elite List             High Caliber List
 Michael Jordan            Michael Jordan
 Magic Johnson              Lebron James
   Larry Bird                  Kobe 
  Isiah Thomas               Scottie P.
   Jason Kid                  Drose

 Note: In The List Only J.Kid And Scottie P. Never Won MVP trophy
       But They Have Both NBA Ring While Drose Has No NBA Ring But
       He Has MVP Trophy And Considering He Still Playing. If John Stockton Won 
       At Least One NBA Title Or MVP Trophy J.Kid Will Eliminate in
       The List And If Steve Nash Won NBA Title In His Prime Maybe 
       He Will Take The Place Of Drose. If DRose Will Not Win A NBA Title
Before And After His Career Is Done Steve Nash Will Take His Place Unless Russel
Westbrook Will Fall In The "What If" List But I Think Westbrook Will Be
Shadowed By Drose Before And After Their Career Is Over 
But Who Knows? Only Time Will Tell Us...
And Westbrook Is A Must To Watch
If Gary Payton Win His Ring During His Sonic Days It Is Fair Enough To Include 
Him In The Elite List While Kid Was Hired As Coach Today (Nets) 
That Small Factor Takes Effect Why I Include Him In That List
 And Iverson Is Only Honorable Mention In The High Caliber List .
Wondering ??? Melo And KD ?... Let's Say , They Are Both Seekers
Both No Rings And MVP Trophy
The Most Impossible Play Ive Seen In A NBA Game History
That Was Done By All Around Player Is TMac 35 Seconds 13 Points
Vs Spurs And He Was Able To Win And Sealed The Game With Clutch Shot.

Winning A NBA Title Requires Teamwork, Group Chemistry,Good
Team Management And Luck But Winning An NBA MVP Trophy It Mean's
Manhood, Hard Labor & Hardwork, It Requires Skills, Talent, Dedication & 
Sacrifice. The Word Luck Comes Only If An Individual Manage
To Conquer Or Avoid Injuries Along The Way.

Why Drose Is In The List ? 

       He Is The Youngest In NBA History To Win The MVP Trophy
   And To Achieved That Award In That Age 
Under The Watch Of Lebron, Melo, Kobe , KD, Dwade
   Tony Parker , Rondo'  Blah Blah Blah. To Me That's Unblemished

I Will Not Post A All Time NBA Greatest List Because To Me That Category Must Remain A Throne ( A Single Position )
Only One Player That Can Occupied That Position And It Is Cool To Stay In That Way

           And Again...
As Of Now That Throne Was Occupied By The Air 

If You Gonna Asked Me Who Was The Greatest
Before Michael Took In I Will Just Refer You 
To The Elder's Hoop's But Based On My Research,Knowledge
And Hearsay I Think " It Was The Sky Hook King Kareem Abdul Jabbar "

Eliminating Michael Jordan In A Basketball Player Greatness Status List Is A Fraud
First You Are Cheating Yourself And You Will Cheat Forever The New Generation Of

The Points Per Game Of Mj And Wilt Is Tied And... Unreachable ? 0('-')0 
 Wilt Is A Beast In Center Positon, The Air Is Monster In Shooting Guard Position 
 Hey Young Blood Hooper's ! " Now You Know...

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