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MJ Never Loss in NBA Finals

                      Click Photo And All Links Below          This ball handling weak ? and it will not work on this generation ?
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Let's Remove Numbers, Stats,Records and Loyalty Issue !

Two Words : Talent And Skill 

Generally the two has great skill and talent 
I think at this early stage I will laugh At you If you insist that Lebron skill and talent is better than jordan !
The Edge Of LBJ is only on physical level, he has the built of Karl Malone and moves like Derrick Rose But i Still Pick The Cross-over Moves Of D'Rose

How About Mj Cross-over ? ( Hey Dj Scratch' Hit It ! 0('-')0 ) 
Mj is natural shooting guard and he has only Kevin Durant body during his prime, maybe if his muscles in 96'97'98 Season is already developed in mid 80's ( His Rookie Stage ) At That Stand Point' A One On One Match With Lebron I Think Mj Can Guard Lebron. How About The Low Pose Fade Away Jump Shot Of Mj ? Do You Think Lebron Can Stop That In A Man to Man Match Game ( That Is Almost A Sky Hook Shot Of The Great Also Abdul Jabbar 0('-')0)

Shooting ,Ball Handling, Stealing, Rebounds and Dunks ? 
We all know that's all basic in basketball and the two is capable in that aspect. 
Good defends and Good offense ?  
Same Result ! (The two is also capable, let's not count the buzzer beater game 0('-')0 That Will be too Obvious

Lets see their killing tools ? 
Lebron drives ?
Explore youtube i will cut my finger if you will not see a Mj video out there driving with a wild dunk meron pang "pakapin" labas dila at may mga  sumasabit pa 0('-')0
Mj low pose fade away jump ?
I think you can find also out there on Lebron but i think its minimal 0('-')0 

Mental Level ? ( Willing To Sealed and Win a Game On A High Pressured Level ) " Crunch Time Baby "
If You Gonna Choose Between The Two To Become General (Military Ranking Position) Who You Gonna Pick ? 
I Think Mj Posses Main ingredients - He's Great Thinker And Do'er ! He has The Ability To Imposed And Influenced Player To Execute A Winning Game. " Steve Kerr Moment ? 0('-')0 Ohhh lalah' Can't You Remember That Thing Bro's ?

Lebron is a complete player ! and Mj is not ???? ( Mj Can't do A Highlights Assist ??? )0('-';)0 hahahaha... 

For Fairness Reason : Lebron 's Career Is Still In Progress Level , Who Know's ....
NBA's Game Is Everybody's Ball Game. 

Even James Surpassed The Records , Baka Sasabihin Ko Parin Na Papantay Lang Cguro Si Lebron Kung Talent At Skill Ang Pag uusapan , Pagdating Sa Aspeto Ng Game Mentality , Charisma And Unnatural Execution on the game i Will Still Pick " The Air And The Shoe 0('-')0 "

Photo Above Is not Edited Thats Mj Natural Mannerism in Hard Court 0('-')0 Its purely coincidentally pointing on Lebron face. Im Not Lebron Critic i Just Want To Put Things In Proper Place.

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