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If im lebron i will just put my shoe to mj when that question throws, i think jordan response' he tries to simplifies it, just to put balance into the issue's thrown. 

The response is not tricky and not inbalanced and you don't have to explain what james and kobe achievement difference.

   its Plain And Simple !!!...      " 5 is bigger than 1 " 

And I Think That's A Fair, Honest and Credible Answer, Nothing Bias In That Response.

The Best Way To Settle The Score Or To Put It In Words Is...

                                   " Beauty And The Beast "

MJ     =    Is Beauty, Elegance, Artistry and Masterpiece

LBJ    =    is Beast Like A Wild Bull Everytime See's Red ( Blood ) Is Ready For The Kill

Kobe  =    is   "And The " ...      The Bridge And Mediator  

Kobe Holds The Key, He Knows The " Answer " Otherwise It Will Fall To Blasphemy If He Provide Falsehood Statement 

If You Doubt Kobe's Judgement 

Ask The Legends :  0('-')0

Reggie Miller, Ewing, Gary Payton and The Great Duo Stockton And Malone.

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