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wikileak conspiracy theory

Three Soldiers were allowed to leave base for an Holloween Costume Party in a nearby town on condition they returned by midnight. All three, however, arrived back much later.

The next morning, one by one, they were up in front of the captain on report.

The first one said: " I called a cab at 11:30 but i couldn't get one. So i started to walk. Then i got lift from a farmer in his horse and cart. But halfway back to base, the horse dropped dead, and i had to walk the rest of the way." The captain didn't believe a word of it, but he decided to overlook the matter.

The second soldier told exactly the same story and he, too, escaped with a warning.

The third soldier began to tell the captain that he had called a cab. " Stop right there," said the captain. " I've heard this already, you couldn't get a cab, then a farmer gave you a lift..."

"No Sir," replied the soldier. " I got a cab in plenty of time. But would you believe it, halfway back to base the road was blocked by two dead horses, so i had to walk the rest of the way." :)

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